What is American National News ?

American National News is an online journal founded in 2020. It goes digital by launching the americannationalnews.com website which has its own writing service in order to follow the news closely. Every day, the website offers coverage of national and international news. The editorial office, based in New York City, has several permanent correspondents as well as many collaborators. The ANN website is accessible in several countries around the world.

American National News that we publish presents the essential points of a certain number of events presented under articles relating to a given period to introduce different frequencies, still unknown in the United States of America. It does not necessarily describe the personal development of the human being but demonstrates a state of mind and a will to promote the modernization of the press sector. Thus, readers will discover and decide on the real content of ANN.
The fondation of ANN constitutes, without question, a major innovation for us. The journal is already causing profound improvements in societies, cultures. To limit itself to the journal alone, the reality of their emergence in the developed economies is that of socio-economic, political and cultural change. The United States of America tends to redefine the roles of information, its circulation and its exploitation within the various structures and organizational of the society.
In America, especially in the last decade, online journals have experienced considerable growth. The US government’s enthusiasm for the press is real. The growth of readers and subscribers is impressive.
In the US, ANN will affect all journalistic activities by redefining the concepts of space and time and by tending to transform the ways of producing, exchanging, communicating and learning. The idea of ‚Äč‚Äčliberalism and the necessary privatization of the press sector quickly became the best solution for all of us.
Nowadays, online journals are presented as the new lever for the democratic development in the world.

For any questions regarding this website we can be reached by sending an email to help@americannationalnews.com.